3 Steps For Business Social Media Success

Social Media Business Tips

Know Your Brand

When building your brand it is important to set your aesthetic and your tone. Aesthetic can be accomplished by always using the same filters, similar types of photos, and always using brand fonts. Tone can be accomplished by creating the personality of your brand for posting purposes. Is your tone outgoing, playful, sarcastic, mad, sporty, or something else.  Use this tone for any text and try to tie it into the aesthetic.

Buy In Is Crucial

One of the hardest things to get done at any business is buy in.  What is meant by this is getting yourself and all your employees on board with social media.  Often there is resistance to social and you need to overcome this order to be successful.  Social media is here to stay and it is the #1 way people find products, interact with brands, and justify their purchases.  Making sure you and your team are fully involved in and supporting the social channels will help you be successful.

Consistency Is Key

We often find brands that have built their social channels and post maybe once a month, maybe even once a week.  This will not work.  Social media and timelines constantly adjust around the social algorithms so it is quite important that you have a consistent social calendar that gets your messages or products out daily at least.  Use social analytics to discover the best times to post and make sure you do so.  The more you get your messages and products out on social media, the better chance you have of being seen.

If you need help with your social media channels, The Real Social Company can help.  We build brands by helping them develop and optimize their social media presence.  Contact us today to see how we can help.

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