3 Tips For Effective Social Posting

3 Tips For Effective Social Posting

These days, people just love to follow brands, companies, or stores on social media. As a consumer, you never know what amazing discount you’re going to get, a sneak peek behind the curtain or just an update about the product you were interested in.

For businesses, that can only mean one thing: you need to pay attention to what you’re posting. Social media isn’t just a fad; companies these days have no choice but embrace. With the right strategy, social media marketing can bring a lot of benefits to businesses small and large!

Here are some of the main ways a social media posting strategy designed by The Real Social Company can help your business:

1. Brings Some Humanity

People don’t just expect you to post on social media about discounts and news. They want the brands they follow to use that account just like a regular person would: be frank, engage with other people, be funny, or overall connect with people in some way.

And you can’t fake human connection. That is something you either have or don’t, depending on how you post.

2. Increase Website Traffic

A lot of business owners tend to think about the website and social media accounts as two different things entirely. Sure, you can have fun on social media, but the websites for business has nothing to do with those accounts.

Except, the right social media content strategy can be beneficial to your website as well by increasing your traffic. Think about it: if you spend the time to nurture a relationship with your following, they will be a lot more likely to visit your website. What’s more, because they already feel like they know you, there’s a high chance they will browse the website longer, and convert into a lead!

3. Becoming Representative of Your Industry

If your social media persona is strong, and people like it, then your brand almost instantly becomes associated with your industry. What’s more, people may even use your brand as a staple in the industry, and use you when analyzing your competitors.

But how can social media posting do that? Well, it’s about strategy, and while there are a lot of things that can help you achieve it, we’ll just give you one example: influencer marketing.

If you partner up with an influencer with a large following, that doesn’t just increase your reach by leveraging someone else’s audience. That speaks to your position in your industry as well, especially if you collaborate with some well-respected influencers.

Are You Ready to Start Posting?

Social media posting seems easy, and that’s because from a technical standpoint it is. But apart from knowing the maximum characters allowed for a tweet, there are so many different things that must go into your social strategy. Without a strategy and a professional social media management team, your efforts will likely never pay off.

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