It Began In 2002…

Thats right, it all started in 2002 when we started building websites and offering search engine optimization with our newly minted Google Search Professional credentials.  We decided at that time we could make a difference in advertising, design and customer interaction.  Since then we have been working with select clients to help them reach their goals on web and social.


Why The Real Social Company?

Because we started on social media and continue to grow on social media.  We are not a newspaper company that decided to start offering Facebook ads.  We are not a cable company that thinks they can help with your Social Media growth.  We are The Real Social Company, we also all exist on social and LOVE social media as a tool for growth and outreach.  Working with what you love keeps us growing, knowledgable and on top of your competitors.

Social Media Management Professionals

Industry Certifications

It has been wonderful to have a locally owned company help me manage my social media. With a busy practice, I often don't have time to post everyday across multiple platforms. I am so happy that I found them!

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