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All About Us

Thats right, it all started in 2002 when we started building websites and offering search engine optimization with our newly minted Google Search Professional credentials. We decided at that time we could make a difference in advertising, design and customer interaction.

The first name of the company was Plaid7 and stayed that way until 2006 when new members joined the team and we expanded. Since then The Real Social Company has been working with select clients to help them reach their goals on web and social.

2021 Best SEO Company

2022 Best Internet Marketing Award

2023 Best Website Design Award

2023 Best Medical Spa Marketing Company

2024 Best Marketing Agency Award


Why The Real Social Company?

Our journey began in the dynamic world of social media, and it’s where our roots have firmly taken hold. Unlike traditional newspaper companies that may have ventured into the realm of online advertising or cable companies attempting to dabble in social media management, we are distinctively The Real Social Company. Our core identity is deeply intertwined with the ever-evolving landscape of social media.

We thrive in this digital ecosystem, where we’ve not only started but continue to flourish. Social media is not just a side venture for us; it’s our heartbeat. It’s where we live and breathe. We aren’t just professionals offering services; we are passionate individuals who wholeheartedly embrace social media as a potent tool for growth and outreach.

Our team consists of enthusiasts who genuinely understand the power of social media. We use it in our personal lives, and we’ve witnessed its transformative potential firsthand. This intrinsic love for social media as a catalyst for connection, engagement, and expansion drives us to excel in what we do.

By working with what we are truly passionate about, we remain in a perpetual state of growth and learning. We stay ahead of the curve, continually expanding our knowledge and expertise to provide you with the most effective strategies. In a fast-paced digital world where staying competitive is crucial, our dedication to social media sets us apart.

About The Real Social Company – 73+ Marketing & Industry Certifications

Google Adwords Professional – Google Online Marketing Fundamentals – Apple Certified Systems Admin – Solaris 7/9 Certified Systems Admin – Adobe Certified Photoshop – Twitter Flight School – HIPAA Compliant Certified – SEM Rush Online Marketing – Excellence In Customer Service – Linux Systems Admin – Google Analytics Academy – Bing Ads Professional – Apple Mac Integration Engineer – Oracle Peoplesoft Dashboards & Reports – Google Certified Educator – Apple OS X Fundamentals – SEM Rush Social Media Fundamentals – Reaching Diverse Populations – PHP 4 Certification – Facebook Blueprint

About The Real Social Company – Meet The Team

Joey Stardust

Joey Stardust


In the matrix since 1982, took a trip to mars shortly there-after. Works deep in an underground base.

Lisa Stardust

Lisa Lorraine


Santa Monica Mogul but resides in the snowy wastes of Ohio. Designer magnifique and fashion guru.

Holland Joe



Riding the optic fibre since 1985 on an Atari ST. Lives in a hidden base deep in the balmy Florida swamps.



Furry and fabulous, Sedona is our TikTok genius, animation expert and social media manager.



Delving deep into the moon caves of Minecraft, Ruby establishes the power of marketing.



Nobody loves her treats more than Sushi. Enjoying plush toys, belly rubs, and randomly barking.

Our AI Assistants

Need help with social or web? Check our FAQ

Heather 1.5

Hashtag Generator

Heather 1.5 is our first AI assistant. She uses a complex cluster of system to analyze and optimize trending hashtags.

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Content Creator

Trinity is our second AI Assistant who generates content. Using complex algorithms, Trinity generates blogs, ads, and marketing content.

Need help with social or web? Check our FAQ


Social Posting Expert

Xena, our third AI Assistant generates optimum posting times for each industry and correlates them with Heather and Trinity to create the best posts.


Michelle Bridges Senior Options

We have worked with The Real Social Company for over 6 years. Always the best service and excellent work. So far we have done 3 separate websites with them.

Melanie Imlay Imlay's Uniforms

Have used this company for website design, Ecommerce help, marketing, social media, email management and they even helped with tech support on our computers. Love them!

Jeff Leese Lesco Dental

Joe and The Real Social Company are amazing. They have built 5 websites for me over the years and have handled our company email lists for 4 years running. Perfect service.

Julieann Ash Midwest Educational Therapists & Associates

We use The Real Social Company for everything. We have moved from Squarespace to WordPress with them and it couldn't be better. More customers, more engagement. Highly recommended.

Larry Tumblin Ohio University

The Real Social Company worked with our 7 regional campus on moving from one proprietary web system to a new one. They managed over 50,000 pages and 27 different websites. Excellent!

Dave Holland Hearts Heating & Cooling

We had our website up and taking calls in 3 days. Amazing service!

Pietro Gallato The Scrub Boutique

Excellent fast service, great designs, and perfect marketing. The social media management is top notch. If you don't have a marketing team I highly suggest using The Real Social Company.