All About Social Media Management Services

All About Social Media Management Services

All About Social Media Management Services

As social media has exploded in popularity, there are now more ways to run your business online than ever before. With every major platform having their “golden era” of engagement, competition for attention is high.

It is increasingly difficult to stand out from the crowd and achieve success without strong management strategies. This article will talk about some of the key components of being successful on social media as well as some potential pitfalls to avoid.

We will also take a look at one company that falls under the umbrella of what we refer to as a #1 Social Business Strategy- a social media management service.

The Real Social Company boasts top notch customer support, free add-ons such as Instagram Boosts and Stories, easy navigation, vibrant community features, and most important – they are continually developing new features to improve your business experience.

Social Media Management COmpany

All About Social Media Management Services

What is social media marketing?

Social media marketing simply means using social platforms to promote your business. You can do it yourself by creating accounts for companies, posting updates, engaging with others, and keeping an eye on analytics to see how effective your efforts were. Or, you can use a third party company to handle much of this work for you. It is very common to advertise products through paid advertisements like Facebook Ads or Google Advertisements.

We Manage Your Social Media Presence Consistently

The Real Social Company (TRSC) really made a name for themselves in the social media management industry — The Real Social Company does not have flashy advertisements or gaudy logos, but they do offer some of the best services in the market. With over 33 industry standard marketing, website, and public relations certifications you are in great hands.

The Real Social Companiy has a main focus and that is to help you manage all your accounts by investing time in creating content for you, posting content for you, running ads for you, and tweaking settings for you. Keeping your business in front of customers 24/7.

Affordable social media management 

Having your business’s social media presence managed by someone else is usually the most efficient way to run your online campaigns. Companies that offer their own services typically cost around $500 per month per platform for an expert level company. The Real Social Company offers basic social media management of Facebook & Instagram for just $100 per month.

This includes, In-depth management of all your accounts to give you the best results, creating new content from your images or videos or creating content for you, posting content to social media sites, and managing analytics and advertisements. We offer consistent and affordable social media management for the long term.

In addition customer support is quick, personal and helpful, and changes that we make always look very on-brand and authentic. We recommend trying us out for 6 months. You will be impressed and the time you save will be amazing.

The Real Social Company helps you build your brand

As mentioned earlier, social media is an ever-changing medium that companies use to connect with their audiences. As such, there are many different tools and strategies needed to ensure your business’s success on all of the major platforms. Some people feel overwhelmed by the number of apps and features available for each site, making it difficult to know which ones are worthwhile investments.

That’s where The Real Social Company comes in!

We take some of the pressure off by helping you create or improve your online presence through managing your accounts, creating content, responding to comments and messages, and other ways to interact with users.

The Real Social Company is your team

As mentioned earlier, social media management is not an individual position or career path. It takes a lot of teamwork to ensure that all of your accounts are optimized, you have enough followers, and your set up is perfect for engaging with people online.

As such, there are many leadership positions within social media management companies. You can be a manager for one particular platform like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, or you can manage several at once.

A senior social media manager who does not lead their department directly may instead oversee other departments, colleagues, or executives as a leader. This person creates an environment where others feel comfortable coming in and working hard while also giving them feedback so they know what they are doing.

These individuals make sure everything runs smoothly for their colleagues, which makes them popular among staff. Since social media is such a vast field, these professionals learn how to best use different apps so employees can focus more on their jobs rather than technology.

The Real Social Company fills all these roles for you.

The Real Social Company is consistent

Social media management is not a one-and-done activity. We will be constantly updating your profile pictures, cover photos, banners, and logos, as well as tweaking your status, posts, and notes or comments you leave for others. We can also SETUP your social media accounts for you.

We like to showcase what you care about and who you are as a business. Your followers get to see glimpses of you beyond just what you put up on Instagram or Facebook! It’s also important to remain consistent with when you update your accounts and how frequently. If you posted two days ago, how long should you wait to post again? We help you decide the best schedule for posting and take care of it for you.

The Real Social Company is effective

Companies have always used social media to promote their products, but not every company uses it well! Some brands seem to spend all of their time talking about how great they are on social media, with little action to back up that talk.

They may put in some effort at first, spending hours creating accounts for each platform, only to let go of them when they find themselves too busy. Or, they might be so focused on getting likes and comments that they forget to actually invest in marketing strategies that work. Some companies even use fake profiles or duplicate accounts to gain attention. This is considered unethical business practice.

Social media has become one of the most important tools in any successful marketing campaign. It is essential to know what tricks of the trade you need to run your business like a pro. Let The Real Social Company help you with this.

The Real Social Company is adaptable

Social media management is not one style of service that is totally defined. What some may consider to be “social media”, others may classify as anything from Instagram to YouTube to Twitter to Bulletin Boards to Snapchat to Ozone to Facebook!

As a  professional social media company we several tools in our toolkits that can be used for different types of companies or clients. This allows us to find the best way to communicate with each individual audience you want to reach as a business.

By being able to tailor our services to meet your needs, we show off your business as a professional brand that is growing and thriving on social. 

Contact The Real Social Company today.

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