Anatomy Of A Good Social Media Post

Anatomy Of A Good Social Media Post

Anatomy Of A Good Social Media Post

Social media posts come in all shapes and sizes and content types.  We have setup this example so you can see what an excellent business social media should look like.  Always start with your product, service or message you are sending as a basis for the post.

Every post should contain the following information.

1. Setup a perfect square, 1000×1000, 800×800 to create the post so it fits the majority of social media in a single automated post.

2. Call To Action – Can be a phone number, a website address, a buy now button or anything like that. Multiple call to actions are ok.

3. Brand Logo for company.

4. Information phrase indicating what you are selling or subject matter for the post.

5. Additional branding for product, we also include a recognizable call to action with Sezzle informing customer of ways to pay.

6. Descriptive items about product.


Anatomy Of A Good Social Media Post

Anatomy Of A Good Social Media Post

Post Description

The post description should you look something like the following.  Feel free to put emojis where needed/wanted.

Med Spot Scrub Shop is proud to offer Women’s Pro-Movement Jogger Scrubs. Available in multiple-colors and multiple sizes. Comfortable and durable product from Adar. These amazing scrubs from Adar are available on the website or in-store.

Med Spot Scrub Shop


Hashtags should include anything relevant to the post, informational tags, and trending tags in relation to the product. We would use the following hashtags for a post like this.

#scrubs #scrubpants #scrubtop #nurses #doctors #medicalworkers #nursingschool #adar #sezzle #medspotscrubshop #medicaluniforms #uniforms #cityofstore #stateofstore #websitename #buynow #scrublife #anythingtrendingmedically

Post Schedule

A good business will post on social media at least 1 time per day. Considering the way people use the various social media platforms, the times they log in, and when you post it could take up to 10 posts before a client or customer sees the post.  Posting a different post daily helps make sure you message gets out there and gives everyone a good chance to see it.  Statistically it also takes about 8-10 posts before a message that someone views will actually sink in.  This is why daily posting is also effective, it helps you message, service, or product sink into the viewers brain.  You want your business name to be the name that comes to mind when a persons searches for a product, service, message like yours.

Think of morning television.  You will see a local attorney or car dealership over and over.  Social media works the same way.  Get your message into the clients brain by at least daily posting.  That being said, don’t be afraid to post multiple times per if you have the content.  The content doesn’t go away, it might take someone 2 weeks before they see it, but if it is relevant to the viewer, they will read it and use the call-to-actions.

Do You Need Help With Social Media Management?

We can help you come up with a good posting schedule, make sure you posts are setup perfectly, and make sure you get the maximum impact for your social media campaigns while taking the load off of you or an employee you have that is posting.

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