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In a world where algorithms reign supreme, there’s a vibrant conversation about their role in pairing influencers with brands. Some argue for a more human, relationship-centered approach, and platforms like Brandwatch emerge as shining examples of this ideal. That’s not to say algorithmic marketplaces don’t have their merits – on the contrary, many we’ve reviewed have proven to be exceptionally effective. 
Influencer marketing has grown rapidly, and while its cost-effectiveness and targeted approach are certainly factors, they don’t entirely capture why influencers have become so invaluable. At the heart of this value lies authenticity; influencers have built a foundation of trust with their audiences, and it’s this rapport, rather than audience size, that truly drives influence. Brandwatch brilliantly harnesses this influence by focusing not just on transactions, but by deeply understanding and effectively connecting with the appropriate audiences. It’s this commitment to genuine connection that sets Brandwatch’s approach to influencer marketing apart.
Having been a player in the industry for several years, Brandwatch is known for its people-powered insights. The philosophy is that great marketing starts with understanding your audience. They emphasize the importance of discovering genuine influencers who can reach the right people, rather than falling back on the ‘usual suspects’ that boast great reach but fail to deliver real ROI.
Brandwatch distinguishes itself with a globally focused end-to-end solution. Housing creators and influencers with over 5,000 subscribers on TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram, their database offers businesses a rich variety of influencers, surpassing competitors in talent supply. Their Influencer Marketing Software has been thoughtfully tailored for influencer marketers, meticulously developed by a team boasting deep expertise within the influencer realm. However, it’s the seamless integration of Brandwatch’s Influencer Marketing Software with their ‘Consumer Intelligence’ and ‘Social Media Management’ platforms that truly sets them apart. ‘Consumer Intelligence’ gives analysts the power to uncover market insights from vast online conversations. Meanwhile, ‘Social Media Management’ offers a unified platform for managing channels, crafting content, engaging communities, and assessing brand performance.

Price starting from: $750 
Brandwatch’s Influencer Marketing Software is tailored to meet your unique needs, with a particular focus on enterprises. The pricing structure is thoughtfully crafted based on your organization’s specific requirements. With an understanding that great influencer marketing strategy is not one-size-fits-all, Brandwatch seeks to first gain a comprehensive understanding of your enterprise before offering a quote. They consider the scale of your organization, the characteristics of your current influencer program, and your future aspirations for it. Despite the highly customized nature of their services, Brandwatch’s pricing is accessible, with packages starting as low as $750 for smaller enterprises. However, given this highly customized approach, their primary customer base is large-scale, enterprise-level organizations with complex needs. This includes businesses with direct-to-consumer e-commerce operations across a broad range of industries. From luxury goods manufacturers to tech companies, diverse businesses have found success leveraging Brandwatch’s Influencer Marketing Software.
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Brandwatch takes what you know you want from an influencer marketing platform and couples it with exceptional audience insights and data analysis capabilities, unlocking features you didn’t know you needed. Identifying influencers, tracking influence and mentions, and analyzing the audience insights extend the use of this already full-featured product.
With Influence’s discovery tool, you have an extensive arsenal at your fingertips, enabling you to track influencers who have amassed more than 5,000 subscribers on TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram. It’s a tool that empowers your brand to zero in on influencers who resonate with your ethos. The filtering process is a breeze, helping you locate influencers based on interests, brand affinities, past collaborations, and credibility.
Influence's discovery tool / Brandwatch
Brandwatch’s Influencer Marketing Software steps in as your reliable influencer CRM, letting you chronicle every influencer’s contact and payment information, contract details, and additional first-party data in custom fields. The cherry on top? Automated email tracking monitors your correspondence with influencers, taking the hassle out of communication.
Brandwatch / Influencer Directory Management
The platform opens up a realm where you can sift through creator applications to build your private influencer network or campaign database. Tailor influencer onboarding and campaign reporting with your branding and engage across 13 major languages – the world truly becomes your oyster.
Influencer Network / Brandwatch
Influence’s campaign management and reporting software is your silent partner, helping you craft sales materials, monitor deliverables, and spawn real-time reports. You’re always in the know with a comprehensive overview of the campaign, tracking deliverables to ensure influencers are fulfilling their obligations.
Brandwatch’s Influencer Marketing Software doesn’t play favorites – it empowers influencer marketing across an array of platforms including TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, and more. This breadth of coverage ensures your brand message reaches your target audience, wherever they may be perusing.
Brandwatch Platform Coverage
The software grants you access to mobile-friendly, white-labeled dashboards for influencers. It also eases content approvals before campaign posts hit the digital world and presents your full roster via exportable sheets and live links – it’s management, but without the headaches.
Automated Reporting / Brandwatch Influencer Marketing Software
With Brandwatch’s Influencer Marketing Software, you can keep tabs on campaign impressions, viewership, engagement, and more throughout the campaign duration. Automated reporting provides you with real-time insights into the performance of your influencer marketing endeavors.
To sum it up, Brandwatch’s Influencer Marketing Software is your comprehensive partner for influencer marketing. From discovering the right influencers and fostering a network to tracking the success of your campaigns and offering thorough automated reporting, it’s the comprehensive solution to your influencer marketing needs.
Brandwatch, already renowned for its proficiency in social media planning and customer intelligence, has adeptly ventured into the influencer marketing arena. This is not merely an expansion but a strategic synergy. It effectively combines the strengths of their existing platforms, applying their profound understanding of audience analysis and social media trends to the influencer marketing landscape.
The Influencer Marketing Software is a testament to Brandwatch’s technical prowess. It leverages advanced tools for influencer discovery, relationship management, and campaign tracking, all bundled into a coherent, user-friendly interface. The software excels in its ability to navigate the complex influencer marketing ecosystem, offering a wide platform coverage, seamless management, and a customized pricing approach tailored to enterprises.
In essence, Brandwatch’s entry into influencer marketing signals a holistic approach to digital marketing solutions. It’s a marriage of technology and understanding, offering businesses a comprehensive, technically advanced, and effective path to connect with their audiences authentically. The firm is not just broadening its horizons; it’s redefining the landscape and setting a new standard for influencer marketing platforms.
Brandwatch’s Influencer Marketing Platform is a comprehensive solution for influencer marketing. The tool is designed to help businesses redefine their influencer strategies and identify the thought leaders and micro-influencers who are actually engaging with the audiences that matter to them.
Brandwatch capitalizes on the authenticity of influencer endorsements, not transactionally, but by understanding and reaching the right audience. It combines technology with a deep understanding of marketing to deliver a superior product.
Brandwatch’s Influencer Marketing Software pricing is customized based on the specific requirements of your organization. The company seeks to gain a comprehensive understanding of your enterprise before offering any quote.
Key features include influencer discovery, influencer directory management, creation of private influencer network, campaign management and reporting, broad platform coverage, smooth management through mobile-friendly dashboards, and automated reporting.
Brandwatch’s Influencer Marketing Software empowers influencer marketing across an array of platforms including TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, and more.
Brandwatch primarily caters to enterprise-level organizations with complex needs, especially those with direct-to-consumer e-commerce operations, regardless of their industry.
Brandwatch’s entry into influencer marketing is a strategic synergy, effectively combining the strengths of their existing platforms, particularly their proficiency in social media planning and customer intelligence. It signals a holistic approach to digital marketing solutions.



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