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Facebook Ads VS. Facebook Boosts

Facebook Ads VS. Facebook Boosts

You probably know already that Facebook ads should represent the core of your social media marketing. The data speaks loud and clearly: with over two billion people using the social network monthly, the chances to get to your audience and capitalize on this massive reach are abundant.

“But, I am already boosting posts. Isn’t this enough?”

Well, it depends on your goals.

What Are Boosted Posts?

In a way, a boosted post is the most basic form of advertising you can do on Facebook. It will enable you to promote a particular post on your business page and get it to a wider audience than usual.

Boosted posts work well when you are looking to increase your engagement on the page and get more likes or comments. It’s also an excellent audience research tool that will help you determine what type of posts work best for your audience. Keep in mind that if you boost a post, then your social media management team would have to be ready and react quickly to the influx of engagement if you want to make the most out of this option.

How Are Boosted Posts Different from Facebook Ads?

It can be difficult for some people to tell the difference between Facebook ads and boosted posts. They both appear in the news feed and look somewhat similar. But, the mechanism behind makes all the difference.

Facebook ads offer complex targeting options, allowing you to factor in even the tiniest detail about your audience, from their gender and location to their interests and preferences. You can also set goals that are more complex than simple likes and comments. You can create your ads to get more clicks to your website, retarget a person who abandoned a cart without completing the transaction, raise awareness, offer claims, promote an event, and so on. The analytics Facebook ads offer are also some of the most complex out there.

What Do I Choose?

It all largely depends on your social media marketing goals. If you are looking to improve your brand’s social presence and engagement, then boosted posts would make more sense for you. But, if you are looking to get more conversion, then Facebook ads would be the better strategy.

Social Media Marketing Is Hard. We Can Help

Things are moving with 1,000 miles per hour on the social media marketing realm and keeping up with all the changes is a job in and of itself. It can be tempting to skip it, especially when you have so many other things to worry about, but doing so means sabotaging your business.

So, why don’t you let us help you?

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