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Friendzone aims to foster influencer communities using real-time adaptive pricing and reward distribution, allowing developers to create new apps for their audience.
Set to launch at the end of February, Friendzone is a new social media driven platform native to the Web3 economy that uses Polygon proof-of-stake (PoS) blockchain in an attempt to disrupt how we interact online.
According to CEO and Co-Founder Kevin Lu, Friendzone offers a dual-layered platform, and “Choosing Polygon PoS as our first blockchain was a strategic decision rooted in our shared commitment to scalability and our alignment in the development of consumer-centric Web3 applications.”
♾️ Billions in value created, yet users are left out. Social platforms have long monetized user interactions with minimal return to end-users.

We're excited to tap into @0xPolygon to power the world's first social capital marketplace.
“The surface part is user-friendly and lets people manage their social connections and activities,” Lu said in a press release. “The deeper part, called LayerSocial, allows developers to create new apps that use the platform’s social connections and data.”
Before adopting blockchain technology, Friendzone facilitated early registrations and social engagement through an off-chain application. The platform, developed by pioneers from Band Protocol, Synthetix, and Koinly, aspires to expand its ecosystem through integration with other apps.
This approach follows the August launch of, which initially generated considerable excitement by enabling influencers to monetize their networks through a chatroom-like service, though interest waned significantly in the following months.
In a growth spurt, Friendzone reported a more than 600% increase in registered users from December to January, alongside the completion of 10,000 user quests in January alone. Initially, access to its pre-launch progressive web app was limited to a select group of partners, investors, and event attendees, leading to over 3,000 early registrations.
Polygon also recently partnered with Immutable to launch their zkEVM Mainnet, which introduced an ecosystem designed for gaming that emphasized Ethereum-backed security, scalability, and gas-free experiences for gamers.
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