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Managing your digital afterlife isn’t just about data; it’s about caring for the memories and legacy you’ll leave behind across your emails, social media, and online accounts. It’s time to think about how to keep these blossoms thriving, even when you’re not around to tend them.
Think of your digital presence as a collection of stories. These stories spread across various platforms like Facebook, email, and cloud storage, paint a picture of your life. It’s important because it shapes how you’re remembered and lets your loved ones revisit shared memories. Imagine your digital afterlife as a library of your life’s tales, and let’s ensure it’s curated just the way you’d want.
Start by mapping out your digital territory. What social media profiles have you nurtured? What about your email gardens and the cloud forests where your photos and documents live? Then, decide the future of these digital spaces – should they remain sanctuaries for memories, be transferred to someone else, or perhaps fade away gracefully? Creating a digital will is like drawing a treasure map, guiding those who follow to care for these spaces as you wish.
Your online data is the chapters of your story:
Your footprints are stored across the digital expanse:
The legal pathways of the digital afterlife can be twisty. Each online platform has its own rules, like a different kingdom with its laws. Appointing a digital executor is like choosing a guardian for your digital realm, someone to ensure your wishes are honoured.
Platforms like Facebook and Instagram are like galleries of your life. You can choose to have these galleries preserved, with friends and family visiting to reminisce. Set your preferences clearly, almost like leaving instructions for a curator of your online exhibit.
Protect your digital life like you would your home. Use strong passwords and be cautious about what you share. Decide what should be passed on and what should be locked away. Safeguarding against identity theft and misuse is critical.
Crafting your digital afterlife is a thoughtful way to ensure your story is told your way. It’s about leaving a legacy that reflects your life and provides comfort and joy to those you love. Remember, it’s not a complex task – it’s a loving gesture for your family and friends.
If this feels a bit overwhelming, don’t fret. We’re here to help at [NDTV’s Digital Legacy Assistance]. Let’s make this journey together, ensuring your digital legacy blooms beautifully.

Disclaimer: These are personal opinions of the author
(Anand Murali is a technophile exploring the impact of technology on society in India. One of his fundamental interests is understanding how digital privacy evolves and shapes the connected future.)

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