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On pinterest you now have the ability to pay per click for promoted pins.  Its easy to get started once you are part of the program.

Go to the Promote Pins Page, click ‘Get Started’

Next Pick A Pin that you want to promote, you can do this by hovering over it and clicking the check mark.

This will take you to the ‘Add More Details’ page.

Select your relevant terms like you would on Ad Words or Facebook Ads.

Relevant terms are terms you want people to find your pin with.  The broader your terms the more people will possibly see your pin.  ‘Toys’ will get a lot of view, but perhaps you want ‘Wooden Toys’, or ‘Homemade Toys’ to get a more select audience for your pin.

You can also ‘import terms’ from this page.

After typing your terms it will show you additional terms you might want to use, click the + sign to add the ones you want.

Now you can target you pin even more by selecting a location.

You can select the language, the type of device you want to target such as mobile web, iPad, or other device, and you can select the gender targets you wish.

Next select your maximum bid for the click, you only pay for the actual clicks to your website.

Insert a destination URL.

Give your campaign a name, a date range, and a daily budget and you are ready to go.

The only step left is to setup billing.

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