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Social Media Management & Website Services Pricing Plans

Short 6 Month Contracts – Month To Month Payments – No Problem

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How does social media management work?

We provide professional social media management services for your business.

We fully create social media posts for your business.  We can use the content you send us or content we create with AI for fully custom posts specifically for your business.  We use language from your website and AI to create quality and professional terminology for your posts.

Each custom post will have your logo, call to action (call here, visit this website, etc), your colors, and your fonts.

Each post will have a description related to the content and relay the message with blurbs from your website, the post, or what we create for you.

Each post will have up to 30 (depending on platform) TRENDING AI-selected HASHTAGS to get maximum engagement. We can also use the HASHTAGS you want on each post.

Each post will be scheduled by our AI calendar at the best possible time to get maximum engagement.

Posts can be sent to Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google My Business, TikTok, Reels & Stories, YouTube and more.

Each post is scheduled on our scheduling calendar called POSTIEBOT.  Once it is scheduled you can approve the post on POSTIEBOT (free for the first 30 days). Once approved the post will post on the scheduled date and time.

We typically schedule a week’s worth of content on SUNDAYS.  On Monday morning you can log in to POSTIEBOT and approve an entire week.

To get started you fill out the form below.

  • Select the services you want.
  • Fill out your business information.
  • Then electronically sign and submit the form.

Once you submit the form we will email you and give you instructions on what happens next. We typically can get started posting for you within 24 hours.

Here is a typical EXAMPLE POST with the text and hashtags that would go with it.

Example Post

(Above is the image that has the logo, descriptive service text, call to action (phone number) and more.)

(This area below is called the ‘description’ and is above/below the image on social media – It has content related to the image, enforcing terms and phrases, call to action (the phone number and website) the logo, trending hashtags, and more.)

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