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University alumna, Kyla Primmer, recently began a new role as the Social Media Manager for her alma mater. Primmer’s position focuses on every step of the social media process, from planning and scheduling content to the actual creation.
Primmer graduated from the university in May 2023 where she majored in marketing. It did not take long for her to get back in the swing of things when she took this job. 
“If I’m being so honest with you, I never missed a beat. This feels so natural that I didn’t even think about it like that until your question,” Kyla said. “My position fits me more than anything ever has.” 
With that being said, it is evident Primmer was able to tap into her experiences from her undergraduate education to position herself to refresh the university’s social media platforms.
From the surface, many would guess that a social media manager just monitors the social media profiles and creates the content that is posted, but it goes much further beyond that.
Primmer said, “My position covers every step of the social media process. I create and edit content (this covers everything from graphic design to copywriting). I publish the content using a platform called Sprinklr. I assess the performance of the content and keep up with trends and changes in all algorithms, while also creating and running social ads. I also run all Conservatory social media. That all sounds like a lot of ‘tasks,’ but behind every single step, there is a strategy that I had to build when I came into this position.”
This role requires a lot of involvement and understanding of the platforms to be able to run smoothly because the world of social media is constantly evolving, so Primmer’s responsibilities and work always have her moving in the fast lane.
Primmer said the biggest challenge to her job is being thrown into such a major role for the university and being so young and new. 
“It was definitely overwhelming at first, being thrown into such a demanding role, but I have finally gotten into the swing of things,” she said.
Before taking her role as the university’s social media manager, Primmer began the Instagram and TikTok pages for the school’s student section—Pride of the Purple. Her goal in the creation of these pages was to increase comradery within the student body.
Primmer’s creation of the social media accounts set her up for success in maintaining the university’s various social media platforms. 
“Having some familiarity with the message that the university wants to convey and send helped prepare me to manage all the university-based accounts, which was really helpful during my transition,” she said.
Channeling her creative side was exactly what drew Primmer to her role at the university. Primmer said, “I just knew my last job didn’t give me the creative freedom this does. My position fits me more than anything ever has.”
However, Primmer discussed some of the difficulties of entering the work world post-graduation. 
She said, “I think the hardest part is that everyone expects me to know why I make my choices. Answering the question of ‘why’ regarding the creative aspect is so hard for me because this is so natural. I just know what is going to work and what isn’t. With that said, being a student here is why I am so good. I had no learning curve. I understand the dynamic of the university and I can provide insight to people who either never went here or are too far removed.”
Primmer has made a quick impact in her short time in this role, which can be attributed to her experiences throughout her undergrad years at the university. She fits into the role seamlessly and is bringing a new perspective and light to the university’s social media by channeling her own experiences.
Weiland is a guest contributor from the News Writing and Reporting class.
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