Say No To Social Media Calendars – BE CREATIVE

Say No To Social Media Calendars - BE CREATIVE

In today’s social media world we are often inundated with information about the best things to do, the right way to post, and the most elaborate of schemes, knowledge, quizzes, and just about everything else. Almost all of this stuff is complete HOOEY.

The biggest information blast is ‘CONTENT IS KING/QUEEN’. How is this finally the answer? After years of SEO tricks, social media tricks, things to do on your website to get ranked #1, and all the fees and contracts paid you are telling me that these 2-bit operations are finally realizing that content is king?

Let me tell you a little secret. Content has always been king. Just look at history.

What sites have always ranked high on Google, Bing, Ask Jeeves. Altavista? Sites with excellent content. Good content has always driven people to the sites with what….what? GOOD CONTENT.

This being said I am diverging a little to make a point.

There is NO secret sauce to social media. What drives people to social media is the same thing that drives people to a good site. That is excellent, reliable content. This is why after all these years Google has finally updated its ‘secret’ algorithm to look for high-quality long-form content that delivers the answers people want in a great format.

The best thing you can do on social media these days is to deliver the best possible content you can in your subject matter in a consistent or scheduled manner.

If your knowledge area is carpeting, then deliver excellent posts about carpeting. Talk about the history of carpeting, types of carpeting, information about carpeting, then every so often (80/20) deliver your sales pitch about carpeting.

I disagree that you need this YEAR LONG social media calendar. A long term calendar is just a tool for tools. Use your knowledge area to deliver excellent content at least daily. If your company can keep people interested and entertained, even more than one post a day.

The Real Social Company Tips For Social Media.

DROP THE CALENDAR – Calendars are gimmicks that low-level social media firms and consultants use to try and make people think they know what they are doing. Excellent top-notch firms think on their feet to deliver an overall agreed-upon goal for the client. Now, this doesn’t mean you cannot plan, but a social media posting calendar is just silly. Come up with content as it presents itself, come up with a series of informative posts. Entertain, be creative. Nothing stifles your creativity like a boring calendar.

VIDEO, VIDEO, VIDEO – While this cannot be said enough, I still hear customers saying they are not comfortable making videos or their employees do not want to. Well, you have to change your mindset. Customers and potential customers are watching videos about 500% more than looking at static posts. Video can make your posting strategy shine. When hiring new people, talk to them about their comfort on video and experience making videos.

POST, POST, POST – Make sure you have a consistent posting strategy, (not a calendar). Post daily at a minimum if at all possible to all your channels. It takes about 30 minutes of your day to come up with a good video post or static post that you can send out to all your social media channels. If you need help posting to all these channels, look for a good tool like POSTIEBOT from The Real Social Company. This tool lets you post to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Google My Business all with the push of a button. POSTIEBOT also has a ‘Canva’ like editing tool built-in and comes with over 30,000 templates to help you build posts.

ENGAGE – To tie the knot in this make sure you are engaging with your clientele. Answer comments, monitor your email inbox, and like people’s replies. All of this lets your customers know you are active and engaged on social media. The whole point of social is to provide a channel for your customers to reach you, provide transparency, and value.

Remember if you are not on social media these days, to most people you do not exist.

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