Simple Secrets Of SEO

Simple Secrets Of SEO

Simple Secrets Of SEO

Often when you read articles like these you get obscure thoughts and general-isms about what to do for SEO.  Such as “create great content’, or ”get lots of backlinks”. Wow that is really helpful, especially to someone who is new to website building or SEO.  Here are 5 concrete steps you should do for any website that will help SEO.

Top things to do while building your website.

1. Create search engine friendly URLS.

Search friendly URLS are like this.  ‘’ or ‘’.  Make sure you name all your pages properly to accommodate search friendly URLS.  Never name pages like ‘’ or ‘’. Always try to use readable terms that describe what is on the page.  When you have a phrase like ‘web design’ use a dash in between each work such as ‘web-design’ or ‘brand-new-cool-shoes’ as your URL.  In WordPress and most modern CMS systems you can have web page URLS like this and even set the URL.

2. Name Images Properly

One of the easiest to fix mistakes people make when building a website is using improper image names.  When you add an image to a web page make sure that image has a name related to the URL and the page content.  So if the page is about ‘Brown Shoes’ and the URL is ‘’ then name images the same way.  Instead of image names like ‘image001.png’ make the image ‘brown-shoes-size-large.png’.  Do this for each image on the page.

3. Alt Tags, Title Tags, etc.

Make sure every image has all of these fields filled out.  Alt and Title tags are what appears when you hover over an image and a tooltip shows giving you a description, they are also used for accessibility readers.  So for our ‘brown-shoes.png’ image make the alt and other tags descriptive = alt tag =”Large brown shoes for men size 8′. etc.  Use this for each item, Alt, Title, etc.

Top things to do after the site is built.

4. Attach Your Site To These Free Services.

Attach your site to Google Analytics for traffic monitoring.

Attach your site to Google Search Console and submit your sitemap.

Attach your site to Bing Webmaster Tools and submit your sitemap.  Bing will let you import your Google configuration which saves you a step.

5. Create a Google My Business Profile For Your Business 

Google My Business page will allow you to put your business online for people to review, provide a phone number to people, and your web URL. This is one of the most critical steps these days when trying to build up your SEO traffic.


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