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Social Marketing Is The Best Way To Drive Advertising On Social Media

Social Marketing VS. Social Media Management

Social Media Marketing

What is Social Media Management?

Social media management involves having an account on any social platform(s), creating and distributing content on those platforms, and managing engagement with your audience (responding to comments or messages, maintaining your profile information, holding giveaways, etc.). Social media management ensures you’re using your social accounts intentionally and authentically. (And yes, your audience can absolutely tell when you’re not). Social Media Management consists primarily of ORGANIC posting.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is exactly what its name suggests: the use of your business’s social accounts with the intent to market and grow your business with paid advertisements. While social media management focuses more on the use of social media accounts and organic posting, social media marketing focuses more on creating and executing a strategy to generate leads for your business through your presence on social platforms. Social Media Marketing is not ORGANIC because it consists of PAID ADVERTISEMENTS.

Ready To Launch Paid Social Advertisements?

Social Media Marketing Steps

Get To Know Your Brand

The first step in any campaign is getting to know you and getting to know your brand.  We spend time during our meetings or visit to help determine effective social media marketing goals and what your brand voice is all about.

Social Marketing Channels

The second step in any campaign is determining what social media marketing channels are right for your business. Maybe it’s Facebook, maybe it’s Instagram or maybe its video content, blogs or static ads.

Launch & Reporting

Once we have a strategy, we build all your ads and LAUNCH them onto social media.  We watch them as they reach out to customers and optimize them if they are not performing.  This is all followed up with ad reporting.

Social Marketing

Why Choose The Real Social Company

-Social Media Marketing Since 2002
-Over 30 + Social Media Industry Certifications
-Google – Bing Professional Search Certifications
-In Business Since 2002 Building Digital Campaigns
-Constantly Updating Social Marketing Techniques
-Personalized Social Marketing Campaigns
-Excellent Honest Social Media Marketing Service
-Full Optimization Of Your Social Media Channels
-Generated Ten of Thousands Of Follower Growth
-Translating Into Millions Of Dollars In Revenue
-Facebook Premier Partners In Advertising
-Experienced Aggressive And Youthful Staff
-Adherent To Industry Social Marketing Practices
-And Best Of All – We Get The Job Done

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We Can Help Build Your Social Media Strategy.

We help do the ground work before you start a social media campaign, this is critical to a successful social media presence. By developing your social media strategy you’re able to:

  • create compelling content
  • engage with your customers at the right time
  • generate sales.

A social media strategy describes how your business will use social media to achieve its communications aims. It also outlines the social platforms and tools you’ll use to achieve this.

We help you maximize the strategy. remain focused on reaching your specific goals and tailor your messages.

Social Media Marketing Local To Your Area

Want business that is local to you?  With our effective local seo packages we make sure your business is consistently ranking on the local pack on Google and Bing.

Our campaigns always begin with an in-depth analysis of what you have done in the past, what your pricing and services are, and who you competition is.  Then we can launch a social media marketing campaign that hits the right social channels and is effective and engaging for your customer base.

Drive Business Growth, Sales, and Leads

Effective local based social media marketing plans designed to GROW you business on social media and drive sales and leads.  Social Media growth is important because it gives you the ability to advertise on social media for FREE because customers already follow you. Sales are obviously important because it is what keeps you in business.  Leads are important because they lead to new sales.  All of you social media marketing campaigns are designed for ALL THREE. Have us develop an effective social media marketing campaign for you, hitting your target area, where your customers are.

Social Marketing Reporting

Social Media Marketing Reporting

Why Social Media Marketing Analytics Works? – For each social media marketing campaign, each client is given a report after every ad campaign.  For more in-depth campaigns we can give daily and even hourly social marketing reporting to help drive your goals and sales.  Social Media Marketing Analytics works because it is critical to driving your campaigns.  If something isn’t working properly, like you are not getting sales or conversions, we want you to know about it right away so we can work with you to drive those sales and social media marketing goals.

The Real Social Company schedules phone calls or Zoom meetings at the end of each social media marketing campaign to go over the results and give you full transparent access to your ad spend and how the customers are reacting to your ads. Nothing is worse than running a campaign and not achieving the results you desire.  Our team of social media experts work tirelessly to drive your ads for maximum impact.  Our motto is ‘If you do well, we do well!”