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Photography, content writing, graphic design, all these things are required when building a good social media post.  Also an eye for beauty and eye-catching imagery or layout.  The days of simple post post post are done. You now have to grab your audiences attention with a post because if you do not, it will be lost in the shuffle of a million others.

What Makes A Good Social Media Post?

The first thing is a good image.  When you are picking an image it should have something that makes it pop. Something that grabs the eye, some color that immediately reaches out to the audience.  When you have this it creates the first step in having someone actually look at the post.  A good image will speak a thousand words, it will sell your product, it will make your customer feel something.  As a social media company we spend a lot of time taking pictures.  We are always looking for that good image of the product or service we are pushing so we can capture the eye of the customer.

Content Writing
Every good post tells a story.  It can be long or short, but whatever words you use will also help capture the audience. Sometimes you have to explain something in your post. The key is to make it as easily digestible as possible.  The average eye-time of a reader is about 15 seconds total, with the initial 1-2 seconds being your ‘GRAB’ moment where the viewer might possible read further.   Tell your story quickly and get to the point.  The main point of this section should tie into the photo.  The photo starts the story and the content continues it.

Graphic Design
You picture alone can speak a thousand words, but you must also include logos, links, phone numbers in your image to make sure you are getting the most attention and delivering the call to action multiple times.  The graphic design of a post is how you lay these items out.  Proper placement of your call to actions is also critical in capturing the audiences attention.  This can also be said for the FONT you choose.  Make sure all of your graphic design is done in the voice and tone of your brand.

All of these things, photography, content writing, and graphic design in and of themselves are an art.  You can actually get fine arts degrees in all of these things.  This is why social media is an art form.  You have to have a keen eye for each of these arts to create a good, eye-catching post.  The further we move along the social media time-line the more and more it becomes an art-form.  Some social media posts have actually sold as NFT’s for thousand of dollars.

So when you are thinking about creating for social media, consider it as you would when painting a painting or taking an award winning photo.  It is a mini-artwork.

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