$100 A Month Social Media Management For Business

What Is Social Media Management?

Different then Social media marketing, Social Media Management is a term that refers to running organic posting campaigns that post on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, SnapChat, and many other forms of social media. It involves posting images, videos and text that is related to your site and directs users back to your site or store. It can be used for outreach, for ideas, selling products, general knowledge sharing, and growing your brand.

Social Media Management helps your business by making sure users are seeing your content and getting your message. It allows us to manage your social media so you have time to focus on your business.  Social Media posts help your business by giving users information AND sending out Social Signals to search engines (thus boosting your search ranking over time) by making your business more active and engaged.

The Real Social Company in Columbus offers $100 A Month Social Media Management.

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What Is Included In This Social Media Managment Package?

Channels for this Social Media Management package include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn Profile, Linked Business Page, Pinterest, and Google My Business. You pick the two you want!  We can help you decide.

Any 2 Social Media Channels

Facebook & Instagram
Instagram & Twitter
LinkedIn & Pinterest
Google My Business & Twitter
Any 2 channels social media channels you want us posting to.

Optimize Your Social Media Channels

We fully optimize the 2 social media channels you choose to make sure they are set up perfectly for you. This makes sure you get the most engagement possible.

Posting To Your 2 Social Media Channels

We post once per day to the social media channels you choose. We use content you give us with content we design specifically for your business to get maximum engagement.

Social Media Channel Reporting

Every 30 day period we generate a social media report. We use this to see what posts did well and which did poorly. Using A/B testing we continue to create new posts using the best content.

All Social Media Management Posts Include

All of the social media posts we create for you have trending #hashtags related to your content to help make them more visible to your user base.  All of the social media posts will have a call to action the drives users to your phone number, website or landing page. All social media posts will have pictures or interesting graphics related to your business.  All social media posts will have excellent written descriptions and text to engage users.  All social media posts are posted at times that the most users will see them, this is done by analyzing your insights and analytics.

We strive to create excellent posts to drive social growth, transparency to your customers and customer
spend for your business.

This package also includes access to our PostieBot social media management platform.  This will allow you to approve all the posts if you choose.  PostieBot has over 20,000 built in templates so you can create your own posts and schedule them at will if you like.

Social Media Post Examples