Terms & Conditions Agreed Upon With Any Contract

30 days notice to cancel any contract.

Account will be frozen after 5 days of non-payment.  Payment must be made to un-freeze account.

All account activity will stop once your account is overdue.

Accounts must be up-to-date and in good payment standing to retrieve any files or content.

After 30 days of non-payment an account will be taken offline and everything will be deleted.

60 Days notice will be given if any increases in cost are going to be added to an account.

We require ADMIN access and sole agency access to work on your account.

All billing is done before hand.

If you have an unpaid bill a $25 fee will be applied for 4 months and then it will be turned over to collections.

Social Media Posts are all online by Monday morning 8am EST unless we have technical issues.

We create a post, if you have approval turned on you can edit and approve.

If you do not have approval turned on the post goes out immediately.

We can delete any posts you do not like but we do not REDO posts unless you are signed up for that plan. Basic plans do not have REDO.

All work should be submitted via the SLACK channel or HelpDesk.  Emails and texts are not considered an official help request.

All help requests unless emergency requests have a 7 day turn around period.

No returns or refunds.

Appointments require 24 notice to be made and/or cancelled.

Showing up to an appointment is considered time complete for the full appointment.

If we do not show, we will make time up.

Everything is as written, nothing adding or inferred from estimates/invoices.

All billing is done via 30 minute periods at $75.00 per hour.