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A Beginner’s Guide
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Time-consuming. That’s one way to describe posting to social media, reviewing analytics for each platform, and handling other aspects of social media marketing manually. No wonder social media management tools are in such high demand.
But with so many to choose from—and some with hefty price tags—you may struggle to figure out which tools are both good and affordable. This list will end that struggle, breaking down both the zero-cost features of the best free social media management tools and their paid options.
Buffer is one of the top contenders in the social media management space.
best free social media management tools - buffer
Buffer’s free plan includes:
While the free version is fairly standard, Buffer is a great tool to start out with if you plan to scale your social media marketing efforts up. Take a look at some of the perks of its paid options.
As your social media marketing needs and team change, Buffer can grow with you.

Friends+Me is a lesser-known social media tool but a good one if you’re looking for a simple tool to get you started.
best social media management tools - friends and me
Free features of Friends+Me include:
Since the number of profiles, platforms supported, and scheduled posts per queue are relatively low compared to some other free plans, Friends+Me is good if you’re just getting started building a social media presence. On the bright side, even the free plan allows for team collaboration with up to one member, which is uncommon among free social media management tools.
If you need a more flexible Friends+Me plan, you have four options.

Later, which started out solely as an Instagram scheduling tool (when’s the best time to post on Instagram anyway?), is now more of an all-in-one social media scheduler.
best free social media management tools - later
What are some cool features you’ll have access to in Later?
Most free social media management tools support three to five platforms with TikTok often left out. Later currently supports six major social platforms—TikTok included! (And the best time to post on TikTok? When’s that?)
If ever you consider upgrading for paid features, you can try any of the following plans free for 14 days:

CoSchedule—a popular marketing management tool—finally has a free forever version of it’s Marketing Calendar. It doesn’t disappoint.
best free social media management tools - coschedule
Some cool features of the forever free Marketing Calendar are:
This tool isn’t just great for social media scheduling; it’s built for overall marketing content management. So, if you prefer scheduling content for social media networks, email campaigns, blogs, and so on through a single marketing platform, this is the software you need.
Thinking of upgrading to a paid version of Marketing Calendar? Here are your options.

Hootsuite, one of the most popular social media tools available, has a solid, reliable free version.
best free social media management tools - hootsuite
Hootsuite’s straightforward free plan includes:
While the free plan doesn’t have many bells and whistles, it handles the basics flawlessly and, in contrast to many other tools, allows for paid advertising on social. So if promoted posts are part of your strategy but you don’t want to spend beyond your ad budget, this is the go-to free tool.
If you’re considering upgrading, these are your options.

Crowdfire is a great free social media management tool if curation (and redistribution of your own content) are part of your content marketing strategy.
best free social media management tools - crowdfire
Some standout features of Crowdfire’s free plan include:
This tool is best if you’re interested in curation. It reduces the manual legwork, helping you find owned and unowned content based on the topics you typically cover.
Crowdfire has three paid versions to choose from.

With no credit card required, you can create a free account with Tailwind, which has a focus on post design for visual platforms like Instagram.
best free social media management tools - tailwind
Some great features of Tailwind’s free plan include:
Does your social media strategy involve a lot of visuals and videos? If so, and if you don’t use more text-based platforms like LinkedIn, Tailwind is a great pick for you. Especially since you can create multiple post types from a single design, which is a huge time-saver.
Tailwind’s paid options are as follows:
As you can see, there are several good, free social media management tools out there. The seven we’ve covered here are worth looking into especially if you plan to expand your social media efforts in the future. Starting with a tool that can grow with you will save you the hassle of switching and adjusting to a new tool later.
But where should you start? Here’s a recap of our list.
Nia Gyant is a B2B SaaS content writer at Omniscient Digital. With an affinity for martech, she specializes in writing product-led content that generates leads and revenue. She also loves tackling thought leadership projects on rapidly evolving topics like AI and lives in San Diego, CA.
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