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The Uniform Solution™ Website Design Is Now Supported By The Real Social Company.



We are not affiliated with The Uniform Solution™ but we are experts at designing websites running The Uniform Solution™ webstore software.  The Uniform Solution™ software is a company based in Richardson, Texas that has developed and owns this amazing uniform point of sale and webstore software.

We have been working on designs and updates for The Uniform Solution™ WebStore for 10 years.  We are familiar with different versions and the options associated with them.

The Uniform Solution™ Website Design

Uniform retailers are often busy people. They own and operate a brick and mortar scrub store and many of them run The Uniform Solution™ webstore software.

While updating and designing on this software is not difficult, it is often time consuming for an owner/operate to do this website designing themselves.

We offer a variety of packages suited to The Uniform Solution™ webstore software. Each ascending in cost and the technical aspects that go along with it.

If you are looking for simple updates for your The Uniform Solution™ webstore or looking for a full design overhaul – The Real Social Company can help.

Our Basic Monthly Package Includes

  • Updates to your WebStore front webpage
  • Updates to images and basic design of your WebStore
  • Content updates throughout your site
  • Simple product updates
  • Basic SEO support as included in the USW™ Webstore
  • Google Analytics installed and monitored
  • Google Search Console installed for ranking reports on Google
  • Bing webmaster tools installed for ranking reports on Bing
  • Connection to your social media channels
  • Advice on content best practices
  • 7 Day turn-around time based on availability

Our service is designed to help YOU the owner alleviate the worry of constantly updating your webstore with new content and updates.  We take care of all of that for you.

$300 Per Month – Includes 3 hours of work monthly on your webstore – perfect for the new business owner or smaller scrub shop.

The Uniform Solution™ website design is now available through The Real Social Company Columbus. This website design is perfect for businesses using The Uniform Solution™ point of sale software. We help websites build a modern look and feel, and are easy to use and navigate.



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