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Various Social Media Sites For 2021

Triller is an amazing short-form video app that is growing extremely fast in popularity. This is in-part because it has a great interface and it has been taken on by users that have been in areas that TikTok has been banned. Younger demographics, and excellent organic social media advertising potential.

WT Social
This site was founded by one of the Wikipedia co-founders. It is considered a non-toxic social media platform and it describes itself as “Where bad actors are kicked out and kept out. Where you actually like spending time. Welcome to social media the way it should be.”

Valence is built by and for black professionals. It is designed to help grow black ideals, business potential and is helping to harness and grow black business potential worldwide.

Are you a beer lover? Are you a brewing lover? Untappd is a social network designed to share your love for beer. Rate your favorites, check-in at your favorite establishments, this network is perfect for foodies and beer lovers.


With over 10 million registered users, Periscope is the perfect live streaming social media site for anyone wanting to stream. Small users wanting to show their daily life, stream games, put on comedy routines, and big name users like some of the Rat Pack from Howard Stern show, Periscope is a great platform.

Are you a female professional looking to expand your career or grow your networking base. Elpha is for you! This growing social media platform can help any women expand the people she knows and advance her career in a like minded environment.

Remember Friendster? Yubo has the same goal, expanding online friendships in a meaningful way. Get rid of arguments and have a good time meeting new people and conversing with old ones.

Are you a mom stuck at home? Are you a soon to be mom? Peanut is the network for you. Designed with resources for new mothers, it is a great place to make new mom friends and gain knowledge on parenting.

Houseparty is a video chatting social network designed to let you host a ‘Houseparty’ room and people can come in and chat with you. Make subject oriented rooms and have great video conversations.

Looking to stream without all the ads? Caffeine is for you. Host a stream as a broadcaster or just join as a view, Caffeine is a great video streaming social media platform. If you have lots of content to stream Caffeine can be organically perfect.

Create posts, make new topics and earn blockchain based STEEM cryptocurrency. If your customer base is highly technical or loves crypto, Steemit can be an excellent platform.

Baidu Tieba
Baidu is based in China and is a social media platform based on what users search for on Baidu. Host search forums and talk about products in this extremely large social media platform.

This is an image based social media sharing platform. You can post your images privately and share them with just certain people. Excellent privacy and sharing options.

Singapore based TikTok like social media platform where users can post videos and user a large amount of special video effects. It is known for its 4d filter.

Love music? Love making playlists? Well bring back the mixtape with 8Tracks. This social media platform lets you build playlists and custom music lists and share them out with the world.

With over 130 million active users, this is the biggest academic based social media platform. It boasts over 30 million researched papers and is great for interacting with others involved in research and the university life.

Trying to learn a language? Amikumu is perfect for you. Interact with native speakers, enjoy chat rooms to help you learn a language and share your posts with other people learning the same language.

Backed by big brands in the publishing world aNobii is a social media network like Goodreads that is very popular in Italy and southern Europe. Perfect for readers and authors alike.

Love to travel? Want to get rid of all the fluff? ASMALLWORLD is a paid social media site for the travel lover that doesn’t want all the BS of the other social sites. Great tips, excellent deals, this platform has great content written by people who love to travel.

Athlinks is a free social networking site targeting competitive endurance athletes. Endurance, strength building, competitions, and spot, Athlinks is perfect for anyone who really wants the fitness edge.

More to come!

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