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What Are Social Signals?

What are Social Signals?

Social signals are the basic interaction and engagement with social media posts. Social signals include:

  • Facebook likes, comments, shares, and links.
  • TikTok views, hearts, comments, and links.
  • Snapchat views, comments, links
  • YouTube views, thumbs up, comments, links.
  • Pinterest pins, views, comments, links.
  • LinkedIn connections, links, and references.
  • Twitter likes, retweets, quotes, links
  • Instagram followers, comments, reels, stores, links.

Basically any interaction on a social media site that drives engagement and/or drives traffic to your website is a social signal.

What Are Social Signals.

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Social Signals Have A Direct Impact On Search Ranking

How and why do social signals improve rankings?

This question is still very debatable but The Real Social Company has done performance and rankings on test pages that indicate social signs have a direct impact on ranking that comes from:

  • Number of people that like your brand on various social
  • Number of shares, likes, hearts, etc
  • Number of comments
  • Number of social media posts linking back to your website
  • Number of times your social page is tagged

This is one of the reasons we suggest posting daily.  Daily posting drives up the volume and chance of these types of things happening and thus helps boost your SEO over time.

Social Signals Should Be Part Of Any SEO Plan

Ways To Get More Social Signals?

As you know nothing on the internet is automatic, that include generating social signals. Here are the most effective way to guarantee social signals for your website.

     1.  Create More Content On Social Media

Effective content creation and posting of this content is the #1 way to get social signals for free. In other words be active on social media sites. Publish posts daily to all your social media accounts. Make sure each post has a backlink to your websites. You can also take advantage of our Social Media Management plans to generate this content and post it for you.

     2.  Engage With Your Audience

One of the worst things you can do is post something and then no answer comments, feedback, likes and shares.  If you post something make sure you comment on it, reply to comments, and answer messages. Part of our long term Social Media Management package also does this for you.

3.  Purchase Automated Social Signals

The easiest way to get social signals is to purchase them.  This gives a certain amount of social signals every month.  Our social signals service will do your automated social signals each month and send you a report on every post.

Excellent fast service, great designs, and perfect marketing. The social media management is top notch. If you don't have a marketing team I highly suggest using The Real Social Company.

Pietro GallatoThe Scrub Boutique

We have worked with The Real Social Company for over 6 years. Always the best service and excellent work. So far we have done 3 separate websites with them.

Michelle BridgesSenior Options

Have used this company for website design, Ecommerce help, marketing, social media, email management and they even helped with tech support on our computers. Love them!

Melanie ImlayImlay's Uniforms

Joe and The Real Social Company are amazing. They have built 5 websites for me over the years and have handled our company email lists for 4 years running. Perfect service.

Jeff LeeseLesco Dental

We use The Real Social Company for everything. We have moved from Squarespace to Wordpress with them and it couldn't be better. More customers, more engagement. Highly recommended.

Julieann AshMidwest Educational Therapists & Associates

Joe worked with us and his company helped create many YouTube videos for us as well as posting on social media for two years. Always prompt and great to work with.

Dr. NandaGrandview Aesthetics

The Real Social Company worked with our 7 regional campus on moving from one proprietary web system to a new one. They managed over 50,000 pages and 27 different websites. Excellent!

Larry TumblinOhio University

We had our website up and taking calls in 3 days. Amazing service!

Dave HollandHearts Heating & Cooling

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