What Are Social Signals?

What Are Social Signals?

Social Signals and Digital Markting

With the rise of social media, digital marketing has become an essential part of any business’s marketing strategy. However, there’s one aspect of digital marketing that’s often overlooked: social signals.

What are social signals?

Social signals are the likes, shares, and views of social media posts. These social likes, shares, and views signal to search engines and your social media followers that your content is useful and relevant.

Likes, shares, and views help increase the visibility of your social posts. The more visible your posts, the more people who will read, like, share, and click your posts. For some social media posts, this can snowball into millions of shares, likes, views, and clicks.

Engagement or social signals are a key social media marketing metric – telling you what types of content resonate with your social media followers.

Search engines want to rank and promote content that resonates and engages readers. So, while Google does not consider social signals to be an official ranking signal, these likes, shares, and views do tell search engines your content is of high quality and value and thus can help raise your search profile and ranking.

Why are social signals important?

Social signals are important because they give businesses an idea of how well their social media campaigns are performing. They can also help businesses determine which content is resonating with their audience and which social media platforms are the most effective for them.

How can social signals be used in digital marketing?

There are a number of ways social signals can be used in digital marketing. One way is to use them to determine which content is being shared the most and resonating with audiences. This can help businesses determine what content to create more of.

Another way social signals can be used in digital marketing is by using them to track the success of social media campaigns. By tracking the number of likes, shares, and followers a campaign has gained, businesses can measure its success and determine whether it was worth investing in.

Finally, social signals can also be used to evaluate the performance of social media employees. By tracking the number of followers an employee has gained, businesses can determine whether they are doing a good job of engaging with the audience.

While social signals are an important aspect of digital marketing, they should not be the only factor businesses consider when determining their marketing strategy. Instead, they should be used in conjunction with other factors, such as website traffic and conversion rates, to get a more complete picture of a brand’s online performance.


There’s a lot of debate surrounding the effectiveness of social signals as a ranking factor, but the truth is that they’re still an important part of the SEO puzzle. What matters most is the overall weight of your social media presence and the engagement you’re able to generate.

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