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What Is Social Media Management?
Social media marketing is a term that refers to running campaigns that post on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, SnapChat, and many other forms of social media. It often involves posting images, videos and text that is related to your site and directs users back to your site or store. It can be used for outreach, for ideas, selling products, general knowledge sharing, and fun!

What is SEO, What is Search Marketing, How do they intertwine?

Often times you hear about ‘Google rankings’ and ‘getting to the stop of Google’ and the term ‘SEO’.

SEO stands for search engine optimization. This is the process of wording your site and content in the best possible way to make it search engine friendly, thus pushing your site to the to of the search when people search for something related to your site.

Google ranking is exactly where your page falls on the Google search engine. Is your site on page 1 or on page 100. There are many other search engines too so you will often hear the term search ranking or page rank in general reference to where your site falls on search. Sites like Yahoo, Duck Duck Go, and others still drive quite a bit of traffic so should not be ignored.

Social media posting is related to SEO and Search Ranking because posting to social media and keeping your feeds current can help your site go up in the search rankings. It shows the search engines that your site produces lots of content and has links to it from popular sites and posters. Social media can also influence people to link their site to yours. They might also post content related to your post and link back to your site. This too can often help boost your search ranking.

One thing to state though is that search algorithms are closely guarded secrets so nobody and/or no company knows any exact way they work. Therefore nobody can guarantee rankings. Be warned many companies will guarantee page 1 rankings, this is just impossible to predict by even the most world renowned marketing firms.

The current most popular Social Media sites (in no particular order) are:


What is Social Media Management?

Social media management is hiring or getting a volunteer to manage your posts to social media accounts. It can often be a time consuming task. Many businesses often get a younger person (who they think is social media savvy) to do their postings. While this can get the basic job done, there are many intricacies to posting on social media, from hash tag researching, best posting timeframes, proper image naming, and these are just a few. It is best to hire a well trained and certified company to do your social media management. You do not want to put your companies best face in the hands of an amateur.

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