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Pinterest Advertising

2018 Pinterest Demographic Data

One of the fastest growing and underutilized ad platforms is Pinterest. It’s affordable, easy to use and delivers excellent engagement and ROI. Pinterest in has a 70% female and 30% male base. It has grown incredibly with a 40% increase in 2020 with 50% of those users being male.

Pinterest Advertising

Pinterest Advertising

Over 200 million people visit the site monthly with half of those coming from outside the United States. It is a mobile world as we know and over 80% of Pinterest users visit via their mobile device.

What is excellent for your business is that 61% of people say they have discovered new products on Pinterest and are ready to act on those products (purchases). Typically Pinterest campaigns see about 3.8x more sales than other ad platforms. Why? Because Pinterest users are engaged from the start. People love discovering new ideas, new items and new brands.

Choosing to start advertising on Pinterest is easy and best of all its fun. You can browse things you like, add them to your own pin boards and pin your own products accordingly. We wrote a quick right up about the process last year. Check it out here at Pinterest Promoted Pins.

If you need help getting started or managing your campaign JM Consulting can help. Please visit us at Pinterest Advertising and fill out our form to have someone contact you.

Check out this #FREE #shareable or image you can put on your website or blog to let people know you are there.

We Are On Pinterest

We Are On Pinterest


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