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Need Help With Social Media Management?

Don’t get overwhelmed, let us help!

How does social media management help?
Social Media Management helps your business by making sure users are seeing your content and getting your message. It allows us to manage your social media so you have time to focus on your business.  Social Media posts help your business by giving users information AND sending out Social Signals to search engines (thus boosting your search ranking over time) by making your business more active and engaged.

Basic Social Media Package Information
We will fully manage your Facebook & Instagram social media profiles for your business.  This lets you spend time on more important things while having us as your team to help your business grow and thrive on social media.

What is included in the Basic Package

The basic social media package is $100 per month for Facebook & Instagram. These are the two most active and critical places for your business to be on social media.

  1. We will fully optimize your Facebook (FB) & Instagram (IG) profiles and make any needed changes or address things you want changed.
  2. If needed we create new FB cover photos or bio background (IG).
  3. Ever few months we update the FB and IG cover and bio photos, or change them to spotlight events or sales for your company.
  4. After discussing with you what you like/want, we come up with an acceptable posting calendar for you.
  5. The normal posting schedule is 1 post per day for FB & IG. These posts are posted at the best possible time based on analytics.
  6. Each post and post description has…
    1. Eye capturing photo or graphic
    2. Your logo if appropriate
    3. Multiple call to actions (phone, website, etc)
    4. Descriptive text relating to photo
    5. Trending hashtags related to the subject matter
    6. Tags if available
  7. We can use content you share with us to make posts (encouraged) or create posts from our million plus library of images and videos.
  8. Posts will primarily be images but we intersperse videos as needed
  9. Monthly reports are available if requested
  10. We will help with boosts and advertising
  11. We will help post events

Long list right? Think about not having to worry about this anymore.  Just send us what you like, what you want posted and we take care of the rest.

Is your business NEW? We can also fully setup and optimize social media accounts for you. Get it done the right way, the first time.

Ready To Get Started With Professional Social Media Management?

  • Our Basic Package – $100 Per Month
  • Daily Posts To Facebook & Instagram
  • Captivating Content For Your Business
  • Affordable & Consistent
  • Get Started Within 24 Hours
  • You Can Add Other Social Media Channels
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Social Media Management $100 Per Month
Social Media Management For Business

We use our Social Media Management to help businesses grow.

What Social Media Does For Your Business.

Social Media For Business

Social Media helps define your brand.  It allows your business to be on the same level as just about every other brand out there.  Social media posting is organic and free in nature but you must define these posts to make sure they are targeting your customers properly.

Social Media can help your business accomplish all the goals you want in reaching your customers.

  • Social Media Increases Brand Awareness
  • Social Media Educates Your Users
  • Social Media Builds Leads
  • Social Media Democratizes Your Voice
  • Social Media Increases Your Audience Reach


Basic Social Media Management

Includes – Facebook & Instagram

-Daily Posting
-Trending Hashtags
-Logo On Each Post
-Multiple Call-To-Actions
-AI Driven Hashtags
-Descriptive Text
-Your Images or Ours
-AI Driven Optimal Posting Times
-Movies Posted If Submitted
-4 Stories & Reels Per Month

$300 $100 Per Month – 6 Month Minimum

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Add Ons
You can add on each of these items as you need them.

-Post Approval $25 Per Month
-Access To Post Scheduler $25 Per Month Per Person

Channel Add Ons $150 $50 Each
LinkedIn Profile
-LinkedIn Business
-Google My Business
-Facebook Group

Additional Social Channels

YouTube – $200 Per Month per 10 posts
SnapChat -$200 Per Month 30 posts
TikTok – $200 Per Month 20 posts
Instagram Reels – $200 Per Month 20 posts
Facebook Stories – $200 Per Month 20 posts

While we can create content for these accounts these all work best if you actively submit video content and imagery to us for posting purposes.

If you are a new business we can setup your social media accounts.

All channels are 6 month minimum with no setup fee.

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Affordable Social Media Management

What we offer to companies is consistent and professional posting based on best social media and marketing practices.  We are a for hire internal marketing team for companies that do not have one themselves.  We can also operate to train or work with your current marketing team.

Supported Social Media

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter
  • Linkedin Personal
  • Linkedin Business
  • Facebook Groups
  • TikTok
  • SnapChat
  • YouTube
  • Reddit
  • Google My Business